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Our Approach

Business is personal

Concentric Corporation is a contingency-based search firm founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 2004. We work with hundreds of well-known businesses across the country and successfully place top-tier talent in thousands of permanent and temporary positions, all based on one core belief:


Aligning great companies with high-quality talent starts at the relationship level.

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We connect the right people at the right time

With a little effort, anyone can fill a job opening. But finding the right talent—an employee who can grow and succeed at a company for the long-term, and an employer who remains happy with that employee for years to come–that requires something more.


We differentiate ourselves by really getting to know the companies we work with, helping them to feel comfortable with us, and taking the time to understand their culture and needs. We also build real relationships with industry professionals, learning what makes them tick and what inspires them to succeed. Many times, these candidates aren’t even looking for a job, but they’re highly qualified, exceptionally talented and open to the possibility of advancing their career.


We carefully narrow down the options on both sides. And when the right opportunity comes along, we make the connection.

Proven Results

Our process isn’t just different. It’s proven.


Since we began closely tracking our placements in 2005, our retention rate has grown to over 80%.


That’s huge. It helps us stand out from our competitors, and it means that—whether you’re a hiring manager or a candidate—you can count on making a decision you’ll feel good about.

Our Areas of Expertise

While we’re not niched into one industry, environment or culture, we do focus our attention on businesses and career opportunities in these specific areas:

Information Technology

Today's IT professionals have to be, among other things, highly intelligent, flexible in the face of change and passionate about their field. We'll help you find a candidate who's ready to help your company grow—and grow within your company.

Engineering & Architecture

Successful engineers and architects need to possess both the technical acumen required to produce superior results and the soft skills necessary to bring in new business. After more than a decade of working closely with engineering and architectural firms, we understand the industry inside and out, we know what to look for in the perfect candidate, and we have the high retention rates to prove it.

Executive Level

Finding the right candidate for a C-level position is a decision that affects the long-term success of your company, the morale of your staff and beyond. We'll work with you to determine what you need in a top-level executive, from career experience to character traits, and we'll narrow down a selection of elite professionals to find the perfect candidate.

Marketing & Sales

Concentric Corporation has a long, successful history of helping companies pinpoint sales and marketing professionals who fit their culture, understand their goals and are ready to help boost their bottom line.