• Work Location Trends in Omaha: Insights from Concentric Corporation

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  • Celebrating 20 Years of Success in the Recruiting Industry

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  • Concentric Corporation Expands its Reach in Executive Search with Acquisition of Clarity Search

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  • Unleashing the Magic in the Workplace   

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  • The Power of Partnering with a Concentric Corporation IT Recruiter  

    Preparing for multiple interviews as a job seeker requires time and effort. However, you can increase your chances of success by researching the company, knowing your resume and cover letter, practicing interviewing, preparing questions, and following up… read more.

  • How to Prepare for Multiple Interviews as a Job Seeker 

    Preparing for multiple interviews as a job seeker requires time and effort. However, you can increase your chances of success by researching the company, knowing your resume and cover letter, practicing interviewing, preparing questions, and following up… read more.

  • How Concentric Negotiates Your Perfect Job Fit 

    Concentric’s mission is to focus on the people during the hiring process. To do that, we take on the negotiation process for you so that both sides will always benefit from the beginning. Our team is here to help you achieve your career goals!… read more.

  • What is Framing and How to Utilize It as a Job Seeker

    Framing is the art of positioning your experience and achievements to highlight your strengths and emphasize the value you can bring to a potential employer. By framing your résumé strategically, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates and… read more.

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  • 18 Interview Questions A Job Seekers Can Ask

    18 Interview Questions A Job Seekers Can Ask Although it might not always feel like it, an interview is a two-sided evaluation. Interviewing, especially in multiple rounds, allows job seekers to determine how the company can fulfill their professional goals…. read more.

  • How Concentric Humanizes the Hiring Process

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  • What is Talent Mapping and Why Should You Be Doing It?

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  • Concentric’s Tech Specialties (and Who Works in Them)

    Whether you’re a hiring manager or a job seeker scouring the job boards and getting frustrated at not finding what you want — Concentric is here to help as your Executive IT and Tech Staffing Agency. We can quickly determine the role or hire you’re… read more.

  • Welcome to the Concentric Community

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