Concentric Corporation names new President,
Recruiting Team Lead and CEO

January 4, 2022
For Immediate Release

Exciting things are happening at Concentric Corporation. The company will be celebrating its 18th year in business this month and they are kicking off the year with the announcement of some team members advancing into new roles!


Concentric Corporation has appointed David Hannam as the new company President.  David began his career at Concentric Corporation in 2006.  His role at the company over the past 16 years has included Business Development Manager, Director of Sales, and Vice President. The company is thrilled to have David step into this new role and take over the day-to-day functions of Concentric Corporation, leading the growth of the company.


“Congratulations, David! There is no one more committed to what Concentric stands for as a company, nor one that understands the industry and what it needs more than him.  With his move to President, Concentric will continue to stand out as one of the top technology and executive search firms in the Midwest.” said Marketing Manager, Hannah Coleman.


Sydney Stander has been with Concentric Corporation since 2018 and has built a reputation as one of Omaha’s premier technology recruiters.  Concentric is proud to appoint Sydney Stander as the Recruiting Team Lead.  Stander’s focus on understanding her audience, along with her enthusiasm, has allowed Concentric Corporation to offer their clientele a higher quality professional.  Sydney has been exemplary in her mentorship to teammates as well as understanding what it means to be an advocate for her community of professionals.  Concentric is excited to watch her flourish in her new role.


“We love Sydney’s drive, passion and confidence to lead our recruiting team.  Her proven ability to teach our process and demonstrate the best and right way to conduct a career search has stood out and it benefits the audiences we serve.” said Andy Hawkins, Founder & CEO.


Andy Hawkins will now be serving in the role of Chief Executive Officer.  Founding the company in 2004, his focus has always been on creating relationships first and ensuring transparency and quality within the hiring process.  Creating relationships and ensuring that the experience was a more focused, customized process that ensured quality, retention and a good fit for both sides.  Concentric Corporation continues with this approach going forward and Hawkins plans to expand the methodology and process that has given Concentric the reputation of excellence and high-quality that it has had for 18 years.   Hawkins begins 2022 in his new role as Founder & CEO of Concentric Corporation, where he will be preparing and developing strategies for the expansion and advancement of the company.


“In moving to the role of CEO, Andy can do what he does best…dream big! Andy started Concentric Corporation in 2004 and has grown it to be one of the most successful recruiting companies in the Midwest. Moving forward, he will create even more growth for the Concentric team,” said President, David Hannam.


Concentric Corporation is a culture-first company that knows the importance of creating the best atmosphere for professionals to succeed and excel to their fullest. They are experts in the hiring process.  The staffing and recruiting industry is saturated with individuals who don’t take the time to understand both sides of this business: the talented technology professionals as well as the business owners and hiring managers. Concentric becomes that bridge between the two parties, connecting excellence by uncovering true motives in hiring and career advancement because of their transparent and honest conversations. Learn more about their story by clicking here!


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