The Benefits of Being an On-Staff Consultant with Concentric

As the title may suggest, technology consultants work with clients to help them elevate the way they use technology. Traditionally, these transformations have been geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs, maximizing the use of tech opportunities, and more. Today, they encompass so much more – from digital strategy to technology change projects. As technology rapidly evolves, this area of work is becoming increasingly important to ensure the future growth of organizations globally.

Concentric helps companies hire consultants, but we also have a few of our own on staff. Why is this different than most tech staffing companies, and how do those consultants benefit? We’d love to tell you.

Why become a tech consultant?

  • Exposure to a wide range of technologies: Technology consultants work with a variety of clients across different industries, allowing them to work with different technologies and gain exposure to new and emerging trends in the industry.
  • Problem-solving: Technology consultants are often brought in to solve complex problems or help clients navigate new challenges, which can be fulfilling work.
  • Flexibility: Consultants often have the flexibility to work remotely and set their own schedules. This is a significant perk for individuals who value work-life balance.
  • Career growth: Working as a tech consultant can provide numerous career growth and advancement opportunities. As an individual gains more experience and expertise, they may have the chance to take on more challenging projects or move into leadership roles.
  • Competitive compensation: Technology consultants are often well-compensated, particularly if they specialize in a high-demand area of technology.

Why hire a tech consultant?

There are many reasons for enlisting the aid of a technical consultant.

  • The requisite skills do not exist in-house.
  • Internal resources are already stretched thin.
  • Your need does not warrant a full-time, permanent employee.
  • Your existing employees do not appreciate how the technical application/project will be helpful to the company.
  • Tight timelines for technical projects.
  • A third party is best suited to test your network security measures.
  • You would like insight into similar projects in the marketplace or your industry.

Benefits of working with consultants

  • Diversified knowledge & experience: Technology is evolving every day, which makes keeping up with technological trends hard. This is especially difficult for CTOs, who also must handle day-to-day operations and drive expansions. Consultants are well-versed in modern technologies and can advise you on the trends that best suit your organization’s needs. They can also assess the type of impact and level of disruption a new technology would bring to your business. Hiring a consultant can thus bring a fresh point of view and objectivity to your business.
  • Cost effectiveness: By working with a tech consultant, companies can reduce costs by avoiding the need to hire additional in-house staff and take advantage of the consultant’s expertise and experience to find more cost-effective solutions.
  • Diplomacy: Consultants provide a reasonable distance from business challenges; they are not emotionally invested in operations like business owners are and can more easily identify and address challenges.
  • Flexibility: When you hire a consultant, you pay only for the services that you need, when you need them. This can provide substantial savings over hiring a salaried employee with the same level of expertise to complete similar tasks. Customization means that a consultant’s solutions are much more effective than generic advisory services.

Benefits of on-staff consultant with Concentric

When we say we want to do things differently, we mean it. Hiring starts at the relationship level, and we extend that core belief into how we work with our on-staff consultants.

While acting as part of the internal team, consultants have access to the following benefits:

  • hourly employees are paid biweekly
  • 50% of health insurance premium is paid monthly
  • 401k matching after six months
  • 1099

You will be an employee of Concentric, taking advantage of all employee benefits and working with one of our clients. Stability and guarantee hours with a 30-day notice before contacts end. We strive to connect and find new contracts and new clients continuously. Everyone should be happy, and we’ll ensure the fit is true on both sides. Additionally, while PTO is not standard for these roles in the industry, with Concentric, if time off is needed, we can negotiate that into your contract.

Becoming a consultant for Concentric also allows candidates to expand their network. If someone in Omaha wants to work remotely, Concentric can still find them to work with clients nationwide due to our already existing (and growing) network.

Learn more about your consulting options with Concentric

We know the hiring process is stressful, whether looking for consulting work or full-time positions. We want to help. Concentric strives to build mutually beneficial connections between companies and candidates so that all parties can grow toward sustainable success. We can quickly determine the role or hire you’re looking for, and we’ll go the extra mile to keep you from the fatigue associated with the process.

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