Creating direct connections

Experts in the Hiring Process

We strive to invite and engage more individuals into the Concentric community, setting them up for hiring and career advancement in the information technology space through transparent and honest conversations.

By removing the possibility of becoming lost in the black hole of HR, Concentric directly interprets the tangible skillset, culture fit, and need for both candidate and the company, connecting decision makers more efficiently.

Job Seekers – Investing in next steps

Concentric takes its role as a hiring partner very seriously because we know the hiring process can be stressful on both sides. You’ve used job boards, so you’re not coming to us to have your resume scanned over again.

From the initial in-person meeting to discuss goals and ambitions to following up as a friendly face at the first job interview and first day. What does this look like exactly? To help, we’ll do everything from interview prep, practice sessions, and even advice on a first interview ensemble (if you want it). The entire job search, with all the personal experiences— at no cost to you.

We want to build mutually beneficial connections between companies and professionals so that all parties can grow toward sustainable success!

Employers – Relationships lead to results

Leading your team and meeting deadlines can be tricky enough, even more so if you have to focus on the hiring process. You don’t have to handle it on your own. We assist employers searching for executive IT and tech professionals.

By leveraging our expertise in hiring, we recognize talented professionals who fit your needs and your company culture— building healthier businesses. Our process has proven that investing in personal touches finds the right people, resulting in an 80% retention rate among our clients.

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Resources & Blogs

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