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Concentric’s strategy for sourcing top-tier professionals in IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Sales is firmly grounded in our foundational principle: Forging valuable connections between exceptional companies and top-notch talent begins at the interpersonal level. Our approach distinguishes us from standard IT staffing methods and boasts remarkable success, with an impressive 80% candidate retention rate post-hire. Whether it’s IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Sales, our recruitment expertise ensures that the perfect fit between candidates and positions is achieved, optimizing long-term success.

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How We Help

Concentric Corporation is committed to helping organizations thrive and achieve growth by partnering with us to secure top-tier talent. We dedicate our time and expertise to gain an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of both the companies we collaborate with and the professionals we represent. This approach ensures that we create ideal matches that benefit all parties involved. Our mission extends beyond merely offering job opportunities; it involves conveying your company’s compelling narrative to professionals who are eager to embrace growth in their careers.

Our process commences with a face-to-face meeting at your office, allowing our team to gain comprehensive insights into your objectives and the culture that defines your organization. We continue to foster open and transparent dialogues to ensure that we can introduce you to the most suitable professionals within our Concentric community. Our ultimate aim is to seamlessly integrate ourselves into your organization, enabling us to build your team with your success as our primary focus. With Concentric as your recruitment partner, you gain a dedicated extension of your team, committed to your ongoing success.

Not sure of your next step?

If you’re uncertain about your next hiring steps, whether in IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Sales, reach out to us for expert guidance and tailored solutions that fit your hiring needs.

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