About Us

At Concentric Corporation we believe that the executive search & recruiting industry should be about finding the right cultural fit that strengthens teams to build healthier companies that heightens employee retention. Based on this philosophy, Concentric Corporation starts by getting to know candidates on a personal level, paying special attention to the obstacles they’re facing in their current employment, so the next step in their career is one where they’ll have room to grow while benefiting their company long-term.

We place the right people, in the right job, at the right time.

Our Founder

Andy Hawkins has been in staffing & recruiting since 1998 and started Concentric Corporation in 2004. He saw the need for a more detailed and personal approach to recruiting.  The industry was saturated with recruiters that spent most of their day reviewing resumes for key words and then decisions were made on uninformed knowledge of Information Technology and long-term career goals.  These key words didn’t align with the vision of the company that was hiring, and this led to an uneven match and low retention.  His stance was that recruiting is personal, NOT transactional and key word searches did no good for either party.

Our Story

Honesty, Integrity & Relationships

With our founder’s 20 years of experience, Andy knew he could offer what the executive search & recruiting industry was missing, a company with a passion for relationships and for connecting professionals on both sides of the hiring process.  A solution that no career or resume website could offer.  A true understanding of both sides.

There is only one place with talented individuals who have a true understanding of what companies and candidates are looking for. That place is Concentric. Concentric understands both sides in a very intimate and layered way so that we are able to execute the connecting of excellence between company and candidate.  Evaluating layer by layer, from an unbiased position allows transparency and honesty which uncovers the result in what each side is searching for.  You find similarities, matches, or that perfect fit when you get to the core of the wants and needs of both parties.

The reason Concentric has been so successful is because of the relationships that are developed with our clients and candidates. This begins with the expectation of full transparency between all involved.  

After experiencing great success in Nebraska we looked at other markets where we could add value.  Phoenix, AZ seemed to be the perfect fit for us: a growing market in need for talented professionals. Businesses in Phoenix, AZ are responding very well to our approach in how we connect top talent and strong companies.

We are looking forward to expanding more in Arizona and we have plans for other markets in the future.

Our Locations