Concentric Corporation

Concentric Corporation is an Omaha search and recruiting firm specializing in Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Executive level positions.

We’re experts in the hiring process, aiming to connect quality companies and top-tier professionals to fill both permanent and contract opportunities that offer sustainable growth.

We’re passionate about creating direct connections in our community – real professionals, real goals, real careers!

– Andy Hawkins

A hiring manager shaking hands with a new employee found by Concentric, a tech recruiting firm
A Concentric recruiter meeting with a job seeker

Our Hands-On Approach

With over two decades of experience, Concentric offers a hands-on approach to the executive search and recruiting process: an intimate understanding of both sides of the hiring process. Finding the right cultural fit strengthens team processes, builds healthier companies, and heightens employee retention.

Based on this philosophy, our team members get to know their audience by having in depth conversations about the obstacles they’re facing in their current environment, whether it’s as a professional looking for a career change or a manager looking to grow their team. Either way, our team wants you to succeed! Our expertise is confidently leading you toward your career growth or team expansion!

Leading Tech Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Firm in Omaha, NE

Concentric Corporation has evolved into a prominent tech recruiting and talent acquisition firm, showcasing a demonstrated history of connecting top-tier tech talent with industry-leading companies. With an expanded focus, we are thrilled to announce our specialization in IT positions, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Sales roles. Our seasoned team of hiring experts, boasting years of experience in executive search and recruitment, is dedicated to helping professionals achieve their career goals while assisting organizations in building high-performing teams across these diverse sectors.

At Concentric Corporation, we transcend the conventional role of a tech recruiting firm, emerging as a dynamic force in the industry of tech talent acquisition. Committed to bridging the gap between exceptional tech professionals and forward-thinking companies, we have become renowned hiring experts who intimately comprehend the intricacies of the tech, accounting, finance, marketing, and sales industries. Our journey, rooted in the vision to redefine the recruitment landscape, has positioned us as a trusted partner for both candidates and organizations alike.

Our team of seasoned experts in hiring and executive search brings years of industry-specific knowledge and insights, not only in tech but also in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Sales. We comprehend the nuanced demands of these sectors and are well-versed in the unique skill sets required for success. This expertise empowers us to assist professionals in reaching their career aspirations and aids businesses in constructing high-performing teams across diverse domains.

At Concentric, we believe that the essence of recruitment lies in personal connections. Going beyond resumes, we dive into your goals, aspirations, and unique qualities. This personalized approach enables us to make precise matches between candidates and organizations, fostering relationships that lead to long-term success.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence propels every facet of our operations. From staying ahead of the latest industry trends to providing an exceptional experience for candidates and clients, we set the bar high for quality in the tech, accounting, finance, marketing, and sales recruitment landscape.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, finding the right talent or the perfect opportunity transcends mere transactions – it’s about building the future. Concentric Corporation stands as the vital bridge, connecting candidates with their dream careers and companies with the tech, accounting, finance, marketing, and sales experts who drive innovation.

Explore our enhanced services, and connect with us to embark on your journey with Concentric Corporation – the tech recruiting and talent acquisition firm that empowers success in the digital age across IT, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Sales.

Meet Our Team That Makes It All Possible

Andy Hawkins

Andy Hawkins

Founder & CEO

Meet Andy Hawkins!

Andy’s mission is to build strong, long-lasting relationships and to connect professionals at the right time. This is also the vision of Concentric Corporation. He is able to add value by understanding what is important to the people he serves. The success the companies he partners with & the professionals he represents, is his end goal in every scenario.

His best trait is that he sees the best in people and gives trust first. Understanding that individual strengths are vital, but the strength of a team is imperative in order for growth and success to happen.

Andy Hawkins
David Hannam

David Hannam


Meet David Hannam!

“People are interesting.  Personalities are fun.  Relationships are fulfilling.  That is why I do what I do.”

David has been working in “relationship-focused businesses” for over 22 years!  He has enjoyed a career in recruiting, business development, and leadership for multiple organizations and industries (college/university, public relations, capital development, and professional/technology staffing and consulting).  The best part of every role that he has had was the ability to develop and cultivate long-lasting relationships on a professional and personal level with both colleagues and clients.

He enjoys building collaborative, productive teams of professionals that are motivated by common goals and results.  David enjoys using his knowledge and experience to be a mentor to the teams that he work with and continually develop new ways to bring a relationship-based approach to business, rather than a traditional transactional approach.

David believes that business constantly evolves, and as a result, the needs and desires of our clients and employees also change. Businesses need to be continually innovative in order to constantly provide the highest level of service to the clients and people that we serve, and he is always exploring new ways of conducting business by creating efficiencies through intelligent workflows, processes, policies, and technology, while still maintaining a focus on the positive effects to the relationships of all people involved.

David Hannam
Cassandra Waltrip

Cassandra Waltrip


Meet Cassandra Waltrip!

Cassandra excels at wearing multiple hats for the team while not missing a beat! Her experience over the years has made her very sought out professional which is why we are thrilled she is part of our team! While she has permanently moved to Chicago with her family, she still joins us in Omaha as often as possible which we couldn’t be more excited about as we love having her in town! 🙂

Fun Facts about Cassandra:

  • Loves to travel to experience beautiful cultures
  • Always has the best whiskey & wine



Cassandra Waltrip
Hannah Coleman

Hannah Coleman

Marketing & Operations Manager

Meet Hannah Coleman!

Her daily goal is to be a positive route in someone’s career path! As the Marketing & Operations Manager at Concentric Corporation, she stays up to date on market trends and is continuously gaining knowledge of the industry – which keeps her on her toes in our fast-paced environment. She has a passion for building things, helping others, and creating & continuing relationships!

Fun Facts:

  • Family is her favorite topic
  • Knows way too much about dinosaurs
  • Loves woodworking with her husband

Hannah Coleman

Jennifer Snow

Business Development Manager

Meet Jennifer Snow!

Her goal is to help you reach yours 🙂

Her favorite part about her career is getting to know professionals and their wants for a better career! Jennifer helps them identify their future goals, then builds a plan to execute.

Jennifer is a self-starter, hard worker, and fast learner!

Clayton Kriha

Clayton Kriha

Executive Recruiter

Meet Clayton Kriha!

Clayton has been with Concentric since October 2022, and in that time, he’s had the opportunity to source companies, talk to professionals, and do research on companies we are interested in building strong relationships with. He is a people-person at heart, and really enjoys building meaningful relationships with the people he works with.

When he is not at work, you could find him playing hockey or doing anything music related! If that isn’t busy enough for him, Clayton runs his own side business & is a full-time student at the University of Nebraska Omaha, where he is studying Business Administration and Finance.

Clayton Kriha
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